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Wal-Mart gives back

January 25, 2005

Tifton - A meeting in the produce section of the Tifton Supercenter to give away check, after check, after check. "Walmart has always been a part of the community, helping the community any way that they can," says Community Coordinator Beverly Walker.

On Tuesday they helped by giving money to non-profit organizations, some of which desperately need the money. "It's just a blessing and it will help our ministry. It will help us do some things that we need to do and I'm excited," says Patricia Wells. She knew she was getting a check for Living Water Christian Fellowship, but she didn't know how much it would be. She says, "I was thinking like maybe, two or three hundred dollars, but a thousand dollars, I'll take a thousand dollars. It's a blessing."

When shopping in the produce section, you might take home some green in the form of a lime or a pepper, but you probably don't expect to take it home in cash, like the nearly $20,000 that was given out here today. Schools, civic clubs and firefighters all took home a piece of that check, and more can benefit in the future.

Carolyn Dawson with the Walmart Foundations says, "This isn't a one time thing. This is every year we have this money. Bonus grants, matching grants, environmental, focus on education. It just goes on and on, and millions and millions of dollars are donated."

Donated to the community so more good work can be accomplished. If you would like to apply for grant money from the Good Works program, take your not-for profit status letter to your local Wal-mart to apply.

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