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Students air school news

January 21, 2005

Albany - Remember when you were a kid and the school secretary read morning announcements over the intercom.Well, morning announcements have come a long way. Thanks to technology, some south Georgia students are in front of and behind the camera learning about journalism.

Each day at Mitchell County Middle School begins with a news update live from the technology lab. "The first time it's pretty nerve-racking," said student journalist Brittany Masterson.

A group of eighth graders are learning how to produce and deliver a newscast - the MMTV show. Before students get in front of the cameras, a lot of behind the scenes work goes into the newscast. "We come in a set the cameras, we turn on the TV's. We make sure all the announcements are in and that we have everything set," said Masterson.

Then it's showtime! The students announce the lunch menu, school activities, and read a excerpt from the book of the week. There's also a daily Spanish lesson.

"In some situations I'm shy but when I get in front of cameras or people, it just comes out," said student Lincey Jones. Two cameras, prompters, scripts, an audience of hundreds turns these teenagers into young journalists. "I learned how to present myself in front of a large crowd, even though there not directly in front of me," said Jones.

Only two students want to live a reporter's life, but they're all learning about ever-changing technologies. More importantly, they're learning self-confidence and teamwork can make you a star at any age.

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