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Mentor program a win-win situation

January 20, 2005

Thomasville- Today, volunteers met the students whose lives they hope to improve through Thomas University's Project Excel.

3rd grader Eric Fedrick, might call it a match made in heaven. "I feel excited." Others might call this mentoring program a foundation for the future. Joan Reaves is investing 30 minutes of her life each week to improve someone else's life. "They told us some of these children have been through a lot in their lives."

Reaves went through eight hours of training. "We were told we're not a teacher. I've got to be his friend." A friend and a mentor, a commitment she says is well worth the time. "I feel good about my child. He seems to be a very good student."

Anywhere from 75 to 100 students are participating in the program. "They get your interests, a little bit of your background. They ask good questions and then you're paired up with your child.", says Reaves.

Eric and the other students hope for big lessons, and a big future. "I hope I pull up my grades and learn some more stuff like math and reading." And the program is a winning situation for the mentors. "It fulfills my life. It's great.", says Reaves.

Thomas University's mentoring program is paid for by a 700-thousand dollar grant from the U-S Department of education.

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