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Albany works to keep MCLB off BRAC list

January 20, 2005

Albany -- Thursday was the deadline for military branches to submit their base closure recommendations to the Secretary of Defense. Albany civic leaders feel confident MCLB Albany won't end up on that closure list.

The Base Realignment and Closure Committee, or BRAC, will recommend that about 100 of the 425 military bases in the United States be closed in the next decade.

With MCLB's annual economic impact of more than 400 million dollars, Albany leaders are working hard to keep it open.

 And they think its' efficiency in refurbishing Marine fighting vehicles and equipment improve its chances. Chamber of Commerce C.E.O. Tim Martin said "This installation helps keep the tip of that spear sharp and supplied, so they can be effective over there, wherever they are across the world."

The base closure list will be published in May. Then Congressional hearings will be held. The final decision on which bases will be closed is due in October 2005.

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