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New business offers thrill rides

January 19, 2005

Lowndes County-- Have you ever wished you could go up in the air on a thrill ride with a show pilot? Horizon Blue Aerobatics is a new business in South Georgia that's giving you the chance.

It's an air show like no other. Instead of watching Kerry Tidmore's performance from the ground, he'll let you be his co-pilot. "Basically, anybody can get a thrill ride," said Tidmore.

A thrill ride full of twists, turns, and loops where the earth literally disappears beneath you. "Anything that's imaginable aerobatics wise, we can do it," said Tidmore.

And when he says anything imaginable, he means it. I got the chance to experience all of the stomach churning moves first hand today and it truly is the ride of a lifetime. "I would describe it as a once in a lifetime opportunity," said Tidmore.

Each flight is designed by the customer. "I like to call it mild or wild, we can do either one they want to do," said Tidmore.

You can opt for a simple sight seeing tour."They might want to fly over their house and get a few pictures," said Tidmore. Or dare to take the "Air Show Pilot for A Day" flight like I did.

Tidmore actually lets you take control of the plane. "I will coach them through maneuvers, they get to put their hands on the stick and do maneuvers only air show pilots would be doing," said Tidmore.

The ride also lets you experience G-forces, where you body feels about 10 times its normal weight. "We usually target around 5 to 6 G's so you get to see what the G forces feel like but its not where they have to worry about blacking out," said Tidmore.

It's a joy ride that will leave you flying high long after you return to the ground. Kerri Tidmore is a former demo pilot from Moody Air Force Base. For rates and more information about Horizon Blue Aerobatics visit their web site .

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