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Rhinos coming to the Parks at Chehaw

January 19, 2005

Albany - Some new animals are coming to the Parks at Chehaw this spring. The park is bringing in two black rhinos and a flock of flamingos. Work on the animals' new home is underway.

Construction is buzzing during the quiet months at the Parks at Chehaw. "We're in the process of remodeling the old elephant exhibit to make way for Rhinos to come in," said Park Director Doug Porter.

The park is getting two black male rhinoceroses from a ranch in Texas. "The ones we're talking about are about four years old.," said Porter.

Workers are preparing a new home for the huge rhinos. This week, they hauled in large rocks to create natural barriers around the exhibit and brought in lumber to build new viewing areas. "We're going to extend the sidewalk out a little closer to the pool so people will have a better view."

The rhinos won't be alone, 20 flamingos will live in a pond next to the exhibit. "We're going to shallow that out and make a big pool for the flamingos," said Porter.

Once in their new home, the flamingos and rhinos will give south Georgia visitors a glimpse into East Africa.

Sales tax money is paying for the $169,000 exhibit. The park hopes to complete the exhibits and move in the rhinos and flamingos by the end of March, just in time spring break.

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