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What schools have the best graduation rates?

January 19, 2005
by Donna Lowery

Atlanta, Ga. --  A new report finds far too many students who start college, don't finish. Statistics show only 40% of students graduate in four years, and barely 60% graduate in six years.

There is a new way to find out which colleges have the best graduation rate. It’s a new, interactive website. It’s intended to give both colleges, and perspective students a comparison of how long it takes most students to get through a particular college.

Nationwide, only 37% of students will get a degree in four years, most, 63% will get a degree in six years. In Georgia colleges, the rates are even lower.

Six-year graduation rates are fairly high at flagship colleges UGA and Georgia tech, but there's a big drop in rates at other colleges, with less than 40% at a number of them.

The picture is better at many of Georgia’s private colleges, from Emory to Berry College.

Financial ability may have something to do with success at these colleges. But experts say that's too simplistic.

Another reason for low graduation rates may be that students coming into colleges aren't as prepared academically for the rigors, and struggle to make it.

The schools with the highest graduation rates are all private, ivy league colleges, Princeton, Yale, brown, Dartmouth.

Education Trust officials say colleges are trying to turn things around by reaching out to students early, and making sure they're getting the advice they need to keep-up in college.

It’s one reason many colleges now require freshman to live on campus.

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