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Nearing 100, not slowing down

January 18, 2005

Albany - As a young man Wotan Zoellner traveled the country playing in famous auditoriums, training under the finest musicians. He no longer performs in concert halls, rather his audience is filled with fellow residents at his assisted living home. But the music he plays, takes them all to another place. He says, "I've done it so much, it's always there."

Playing violin since the age of three, Wotan relishes the chance to perform. "Because I love it," he says. "Well, I get excited when I play for people and I hope I bring a joy to them when I do and I'm satisfied that I've had such a career."

A career that spans 95 years. Wotan is 98. He says, "I'm running kind of late in life, but I'm still running." And he plans to continue practicing everyday for his next performance.

"It's been a joy playing for all of you, and we'll be back." Back and better with each passing day.

Zoellner is one of the founders of the Albany Symphony Orchestra. Morningside hopes to have him perform a concert every month.

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