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Building a home on a dream

January 17, 2005

Albany - Debora Inegbenebor hasn't been able to sleep for days. She says, "Couldn't sleep at night because I was so excited just waiting for this time to come, real excited." In less than a week, she'll be handed a set of keys that will open the door to her future: A home of her own, built on a solid foundation and a dream. "Building on a dream," says Debora, "my dream."

She says, "I moved here in 1992 and it was my goal, my desire to make a home here. It took a little while, but it's happening now, it's happening now." Happening thanks to Flint River habitat for humanity and the many volunteers chipping in, like Cyntha Sweney-Bryant. Bryant says, "Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream, and I also have a dream and I believe that he would want someone to have a place to live and I wanted to share in that dream."

And though the builder's hands may be cold, their hearts are warm. Bryant says, "I can share in someone else's dream and that makes me truly happy." And it makes Debora truly grateful. She says, "I thank God for everybody for just grasping onto what Martin Luther King believed in and what he died for and that's bringing people together of all colors and all origins. It makes a better America, and this is what America is all about!" Breaking down racial barriers and building toward tomorrow on a solid foundation.

Building on a dream will continue all week long. If you would like to volunteer, just go to the Woodland Oaks subdivision Tuesday-Friday morning ready to work.

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