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Trailer fire kills elderly man

January 17, 2005

Dougherty County - Firefighters believe a space heater may have started a deadly blaze Monday morning. Around 6:00AM, the fire started in the bedroom of a travel trailer next to Kitty's Flea Market on Sylvester Road.

Neighbors say they called the fire department and tried to put out the fire. "We grabbed some water hoses and tried to douse the fire," said Billy Honeycutt. "I opened the back door and tried to yell to the gentleman to see if he was in there, but there was no response. We just kept trying to put water on it to keep anything else from burning or to save him, but there wasn't any hope I guess."

The elderly man, who's name hasn't been released, died in the fire. Fire investigators think a space heater caught the bed on fire.

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