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Family of dentistry foots bill for attacked student

January 14, 2004

Albany-17 year old Trevor Moore had his two front teeth knocked out when he was brutally attacked at Dougherty High School last week. "It's a very serious injury, " explained Dr. Sonya Glover CEO of Glover Dentistry.

Robert Taylor IV, who owns a dental lab, saw the story on our news. "It hurt me to see him like that. It was awful." He called his sister and father at Glover dentistry, and together they decided to help Trevor. "I called and left a message and said we can donate our services for free."

They offered three thousand dollars worth of dental work for free. "It's not always about the money," said Glover. In fact, this time, it was just about doing the right thing. Glover says "You're already traumatized by what happened. That just adds more insult to injury to go around not have your teeth in."

Trevor's father Roger Moore couldn't believe their willingness to help. Taylor's and Glover's father Robert Taylor III said "I told him don't worry about it, this is on us and if he has any problems after we place it, it's still on us," and after Trevor wears an aesthetic piece for about six weeks, he'll move on to a permanent fixture.

Glover says "Trevor can get back on with his life, get his smile back," a smile that with a little help from a family of dentistry will be back real soon.

15-year-old old Rashad Roberts and 15-year-old Tenorris Wright have both been charged with aggravated battery.

Two more juvenile students involved in the attack have been identified.

Moore now attends Westover High School.

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