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Social work plan makes big promise for students

January 14, 2005

Thomasville- He wants to add 500-additional case workers to the department of family and children services. The plan is great for students in Thomas University's social work program because they would have jobs, and more funding for financial assistance.

Lanie West is preparing is preparing for her students at the Thomasville Community Resource Center. But she's also preparing for her future in Social Work. "I saw all the changes they make and I said I want to do that." West knows that she's in for a challenge. "Its been tough" However, she's hoping Governor Perdue's plan paves the way for Social Workers' relief. "They get bogged down, and that will decrease their workload."

As the population grows, so do the number of social work related cases. But every year, one out of every two social workers leaves the job. That's why programs such as the 4-E scholarship are so instrumental."

The scholarship will subsidize students who want to study social work. But they have to make a commitment to receive it. "They have to work for the State of Georgia. For DFACS."

The social worker problem is especially tough in South Georgia. "The need for case workers in Southwest Ga is so imperative because of the poverty." That's why people like Lanie West are devoting their lives to such a noble cause. "I know Im going to have to do so much work in little time per case."

Governor Purdue's plan will not lower the case loads in Georgia. But instead, it will level the playing field with the rest of the country.

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