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March to protest D. A. investigation

January 13, 2005

Albany -- In December 2003, a white Muscogee County deputy shot and killed an unarmed black man. The deputy was fired and a criminal investigation launched.

 Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges was put in charge of the prosecution. But eight weeks ago, the grand jury he presented the case to, didn't indict the deputy. Now, civil rights leaders say Hodges didn't properly handle the investigation. And the Reverend Jesse Jackson will lead a march through the streets of Columbus Saturday.

During a traffic stop, Muscogee County Sheriff's Deputy David Glisson shot Kenneth Walker twice in the head while he lay on the ground. Walker was not armed. The white Deputy was fired, but a Grand Jury did not indict him.

Now civil rights groups, including the Reverend Jesse Jackson, want someone besides Ken Hodges to prosecute the case. Hodges said "This investigation has been thorough, and the conclusions that have been reached have been reached by both Caucasians and African Americans."

But civil rights groups say justice has not been done. Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition will lead a march through Columbus Saturday, demanding federal oversight. Hodges said "Won't bother me at all. I have had numerous conversations with the Department of Justice, and I would welcome any scrutiny of this event or other event that I have been associated with."

 Even though the deputy has not been criminally prosecuted, he is named in a 100 million dollar civil suit filed by the family of the victim.

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