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Governor gives State of the State address

Janurary 12, 2005

Albany-Governor Purdue claimed Georgia's children was his main concern during the State of the State address. "We'll invest more than half of the state budget in education," said Perdue. After a cut of half a billion dollars in state education over the past two years the governor is more confident the economy will allow the state to give back to local schools. "My budget includes a two percent pay raise for our school teachers."

 A proposal the Governor appeared to be especially excited about was something he calls the Georgia Virtual Highschool. "In the 21st century, mere geography shouldn't prevent our brightest students from doing their very best work." Students in Rural counties and other schools with less resources will have access to more challenging courses including 15 Advanced Placement Courses and S-A-T Prep courses via satllite.

Luetenant Governor Mark Taylor feels there was too much of a budget cut in education to begin with and says those cuts plus others should be blamed on the current administration and not a lack of money.  Taylor claims"Our problems are not caused by a lack of money, there caused by a lack of vision, a lack of priorities, a lack of leadership."

The Governor also spoke of job growth in the state. "We're pursuing a long term- strategy to encourage entrepeneurship and small business growth, support existing industries, and invest in high paying strategic industries of the future." Governor Perdue plans to introduce an entrepenuer and small business growth initiative to give tax breaks for businesses to help them grow.  

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