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Crack in Thomasville theft case?

January 12, 2005

Thomasville- "I feel sick. It makes you angry, just boil, it's just not right." says Barbara Bass, just one of the victims who's had tokens of love stolen from her family's graves at the Laurel Hills Cemetery in Thomasville. "Someone stole my mama's butterfly, her chimes, my husband's flowers."

Thomasville Police have arrested George Michael Bass in connection with the case- no relation to victim Barbara Bass. The items he allegedly stole from graves like this one- Barbara Bass' mother's, for example, were of misdemeanor value. But because the items were in fact stolen from grave-sites, the charges fall under felony classification. If convicted, Bass could face one to three years in prison. The seventh charge stems from a furniture theft at George and Louie's restaurant in downtown Thomasville. Bass could face one-to-ten years in prison for that incident.

Bass is also suspected of stealing a city bench. Most of the items were recovered from Shirley Jordan's "Bargain Barn". "He came in to sell me some merchandise. And he came in over a period of three to four months.", says Jordan. She wants to assure people she was unaware the items she purchased from Bass were stolen. Jordan says she even asked for his I-D to double-check his story. "I had a feeling I should question him so I did. He said he was getting things from cleaning up bars."

Thomasville Police are helping victims recover their property. But it will still take people like Bass a long time to recover from the heartache. "She gave to us all her life and this is how we give back to her." "And someone took that from you?" "Yes, they did. Yes."

If you think you're a victim in this case, call Thomasville police at 229-227-7032.

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