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Indicted commissioner appears in court

(File photograph) (File photograph)

January 12, 2005

Albany-- City Commissioner Henry Mathis won't have to pay that bond unless he doesn't show up for court in two weeks.

Mathis waved to reporters as he walked into the federal courthouse in Albany today. But he was somber as he stood before Magistrate Judge Richard Hodge.

A federal grand jury indicted Mathis on one count of extortion by a public official and one count of giving a misleading statement to law enforcement. Prosecutors say Mathis voted to approve an alcohol license for Old Roadmaster Motorcycle Club, then extorted money from a man involved in that business.

Mathis is also accused of lying to the GBI about the extortion.

Wednesday, Commissioner Mathis asked for a court appointed attorney, which he'll receive before his arraignment January 26th.

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