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Residents left homeless by fire

January 12, 2005

Albany-- A roaring fire swept through a downtown Albany apartment complex Wednesday morning, sending 20 people scurrying out of the burning building.

No one was hurt, but now they're without their possessions and homes.

Corrine Clinton sifts through her charred purse. A few coins is all she could salvage, from the fire that gutted the Tanglewood Apartments on First Avenue.

What have you got left? "Nothing. All my baby clothes, personal things that I have are gone. Everything."

People in the apartments awoke to flames and thick smoke and ran for their lives. Hope Kendrick said, "I don't have shoes on my feet, but I'm alive."

They stood in their pajamas and robes as firefighters extinguished the flames that consumed huge chunks of their lives. Kendrick had to be rescued. "I couldn't see to open the door. I had panicked. By the time I woke up, the glass had busted in the window. That's what woke me up."

Roderick Moore and Yetta Weston wonder what they will do now. Moore said "Yea, I lost everything. I lost everything."

The American Red Cross handed out blankets to the victims, already lining up help. Arthur Shipley said "We can get them some immediate assistance, and see about getting them some referrals and things like that. Just try to get them back on the road to recovery."

Firefighters are still investigating the cause of the apartment blaze. Six of the units were destroyed. All nine of them sustained damage.

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