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Families fed up with filth

January 11, 2005

Sylvester-- The plumbing is so bad in the neighborhood that when the residents flush, the waste goes under the mobile homes. The unsanitary water flow and leaks from washing machines and sinks have spawned mold and mildew in some homes, which is a health hazard.

Some neighbors say it's been like this for years, now police and city workers are stepping in.

When this mother of three flushes her toilet, the sewage just runs out on the ground. Vastasha Barnes is sick and tired of the slippery smelly mess. "When you flush the toilet, that's it right there at my back doorstep. Don't you smell it? It smells horrible. It goes up under the house. It's not even hooked up properly."

She has to go outside to turn her water on and off to use it. "When you turn it on, that's what it does."

Her neighbors are having the same problems. Some homes are being taken over by mold. City workers are investigating. [Gray:

"We could probably estimate anywhere from four to five violations per trailer," said Angel Gray, Code Enforcement Officer.

Gray has warned the landlord Johnny Dykes. "We want to get it right." And if Dykes doesn't get it right. "We will more than likely have to shut him down," said Gray.

Renters have rights, but it's up to each resident to take action against the landowner. They have been told to write down complaints and concerns and send their children to see a doctor.

"I hope they do something because it really is a health issue for children," Barnes said.

City of Sylvester officials will issue a plan of action for the landlord, Johnny Dykes. Dykes tells us he will do whatever necessary to fix the problems.

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