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Drug agents back to work, Commander still suspended

January 11, 2005

Thomasville - Drug agents in Thomasville were back on the job today, but not under the direction of their commander, Guy Winkelmann. Sheriff Carlton Powell says, "The commander remains on paid suspension until we can get a written report back and be able to make a more intelligent decision on what we might need to do."

Sheriff Powell requested an audit by Lowndes County officers. No illegal actions were found on part of the drug agents or the commander, but the Sheriff says there are some policies that need to change. He says, "They did have some concerns about some of our procedures and some of the management of things that were going on, based upon that, I have put all of the agents back to work, except for the commander."

And just when or if the Commander will return to work, the Sheriff won't say. He says, "We're going to wait until we get the report. We anticipate that within the next week, ten days. Once we get that, we'll do an evaluation of what's been put in place and what needs to be done, and based upon that we will make further decisions in that direction."

But under whose direction the drug unit will be under, remains to be seen. Drug agents are under the command of the Criminal Investigations department until the evaluation is finished. Sheriff Powell says he will audit the drug unit again from time to time, but will not say how often.

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