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Beaten student transfers to another school

January 10, 2004

Albany -- A student who was brutally beaten at Dougherty High School last week has transferred to another school. And an Albany dentist who saw his injuries on our news has offered to help repair the teenager's mouth.

As the investigation into the school attack continues, another student is arrested. But school administrators insist the campus is safe.

It's been four days since 17 year old Trevor Moore's teeth were knocked out by school mates at Dougherty High. Trevor Moore said "I've been staying at the house, keeping an eye out, keeping out of trouble."

But he hasn't been back to Dougherty High, and he won't. His father Roger Moore said "They did not feel at the time that the incident with my son at the school warranted protection."

 Roger Moore and the parents of two students who witnessed the brutal beating have pulled their kids out of Dougherty High. 11th grader Heather Rafferty said "Cause I felt a little bit scared that maybe I would get jumped too."

Trevor Moore said, "I don't think anyone is feeling safe now."

But school administrators say they have nothing to fear. Deputy Superintendent Carlos Keith said "We have individual students who get into it from time to time, disputes or want to fight. But there is not a major or big gang problem at Dougherty High."

But that's not how these students see it. Heather Rafferty said "A couple of our friends have been moved already." Why? "They just feel a little scared, scared for their life pretty much."

A tenth grader involved in the attack was arrested Monday morning, and two others are being sought. Trevor Moore and Heather Rafferty, accompanied by their parents, cleaned out their school lockers, and transferred to Westover High.

Albany dentist Robert Taylor offered to repair Trevor Moore's teeth for free.

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