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South Georgia drug unit suspended

January 10, 2005

Thomasville - The Thomasville-Thomas County Drug Unit is closed. Thomas County Sheriff, Carlton Powell says, "We've had some issues concerning some of the procedures going on with the drug squad." So Powell decided an audit was due to make sure everything was in proper order. He says, "We trust that there's not anything wrong, but if there is, we're going to take the appropriate steps to correct it."

The office was shut down on Friday when officers from Lowndes County arrived to begin the audit, everything inside the office was handed over. Sheriff Powell says, "We actually asked for the keys to the cars, we asked for the keys to the office. We've asked for screening of the agents themselves. We have the results back. Everybody was appropriate, clean, no reflection in that respect."

But if there are problems in other aspects, there could be big changes on the horizon. "Policy changes, personal changes," suggests Powell. "I mean, whatever it is, we're committed to make sure it's run in a proper manner and a legal and lawful manner." The Sheriff hopes the audit is finished by the end of the week.

The four agents and commander, Guy Winkelmann have all been suspended with pay. The Criminal investigation units for the city and county are handling drug calls while the audit is being conducted.

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