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Albany prays for city, world

January 8, 2004

Albany- "We've learned not to worry about crowds. The qualification for the presence of the Lord is if two or three are gathered together, He says lo, I'm in the midst," says Pastor Harriett Gainer.

Gainer has hosted city-wide prayers for a decade. She says she's excited to see other Albanians looking to God for help and strength.

"When I saw them praying and I knew they were praying for the city too it says to me you've got help. You're not in this thing by yourself," she says.

"Today was the 195 morning that we've been there together," says Gill Ward. "The lines of division have been torn down. There's no east and west, no north and south, no black and white it's all just people in Christ."

Gill Ward is also part of a group of people who have gathered at the Riverfront park every morning to pray for the city. He says he's seen evidence that the prayers are being answered.

"We've seen loan sharks preying on poor people being closed down. Insurance companies that were selling false insurance to poor people have been closed, and just many things that indicate to us God is moving in the city," Ward says.

Now Gainer, Ward, and other prayer warriors are hoping the change they've seen in Albany will resonate throughout the world.

"We pray for the president by name and we pray for the survivors of the tsunami and all of the other things that are happening in the world," says Ward.

"We focus on our city, but then as the need arises whatever the problem is that's what we begin to pray about," adds Gainer.

Saturday the group says protecting the troops at war and survivors of the tsunami top their list of prayer concerns, but they are confident no matter how tall the order, God can fill it.

In addition to the annual city wide prayer, the Albany Area Clergy of Women hosts a prayer session on each side of the city every three months.

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