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Emotional good byes as National Guardsmen deploy to Fort Stewart

January 7, 2004

< STRONG> Cordele/Americus-Two year old Travisia Felton today clung tightly to an American Hero, her daddy. Travis Felton is part of company B- 2nd Battalion 121st infantry National guard unit out of Cordele. "It makes me feel real proud,"said Felton.

Today, he and 128 other National Guardsmen from Cordele and Americus said goodbye to their families as they left for Fort Stewart before deploying to Iraq in just several months. Amanda Griggs, Felton's Fiance' says "He's not going to be there, just for the little things, you know waking up in the morning being able to look at him."

Felton is a family man at heart. He explained "It's like it's tearing me apart," but he has enough pride and courage to defend his country. Felton says "I feel like if I'm doing this, I'm doing something to help my community and my country," where little Travisia and Felton's fiance' will be proudly waiting for his return.

There was a parade for the guardsmen in Americus.

Debbi and Jeffrey Holloway married only a year ago. She says although it's tough seeing him go, she's proud that he's serving the country. "I know that part of his duties is to go over and relieve other members of the service that have not been able to come home and it makes me feel real proud to know that other members are going to have time like I've had time with my husband."

The Guardsmen are expected to serve in Iraq for at least a year.

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