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Beating leaves student without front teeth

January 7, 2005

Albany-- The teenager says he was attacked three separate times on campus yesterday. Now, a 15-year-old is in custody and other parents are afraid to send their kids to school because of gang violence.

Trevor Moore grimaces in pain to show us his mouth with two teeth missing and a swollen lip. Moore says he was attacked three times at Dougherty High school Thursday.

He says the fights started outside the school when a student threw part of a cinder block at his face. "They chased me and threw rocks at me."

 Moore says he ran back inside the school but another group of kids jumped him in the hallway. "Out of the hallway, four guy came up and hit me in the jaw."

The students threatened him, telling him not to tell anybody or he'd be sorry. "But I immediately told the principal and the school resource officer."

After answering questions from the school police officer, the principal sent Moore to get on the bus and go home. He didn't make it there before another group of boys attacked him again. "He hit me in mouth, knocked out one of my teeth. This other guy with a black shirt on hit me and I hit the floor. Then, they started kicking me, and that's when my other tooth got knocked out."

Friday, Albany police arrested a 15-year-old at Dougherty High, the only one of the attackers Trevor Moore could identify.

Moore says the suspects are part of the CME Rattlers - one gang of many he says causes problems at the school. "You can't go around a corner without being on someone else's turf"

A classmate, Joshua Moody, witnessed the fight. He says police took him around campus today and had him point out the other attackers. Now his mother, Patricia Dietzel, fears Moody may be the next target. "My concerns is how do I send him back to school when it's already been said my son better watch himself."

Moore's father, Roger, says the school failed his son. "I don't understand why after the first attack and he told them, why a teacher or somebody wasn't with him until he got onto his bus."

Asked if he felt safe to go back to school, he said "No. I won't go back to that school." Roger Moore and Patricia Dietzel agree that their sons won't step back into the school until it's safer.

School officials say students should feel safe to return to school Monday and that the suspects, when caught, will be not only punished by the court but also by the school system.

The 15 year-old is at the Youth Development Center awaiting a hearing. Other arrested are expected following an investigation.

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