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Worker finds body in dumpster

January 7, 2005

Albany- The Save-A-Lot grocery store on South Slappey Boulevard turned into a crime scene Friday morning.

"There was one of them just around here the other day. I saw him," says Jewcaster Carr.

Carr lives just a few houses from the store. She says she's seen two men on bicycles rummaging through the dumpsters.

"They go in there looking for food, and sometimes they will run out the back of Save-a-lot with some meat and just keep going and get on their bicycles and keep going," Carr says.

Hall-ing Refuse worker Eddie Gillard was instructed to make a special trip to Save-A-Lot Friday morning.

"We dump it on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday," he says.

Gillard says it's not uncommon to see people inside the dumpsters.

"They are in and out and that's all the time. They put locks on, but it doesn't do any good. They will still get in it," he says.

Police spent nearly two hours collecting evidence behind the store which did include a bicycle. They say the man is a black male in his early 40's, but won't release his identity until family members can be notified.

There is still no word on how the man died. Preliminary autopsy results are expected by the beginning of next week.

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