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School wonders where teacher is

January 6, 2005

Dougherty County -- An unusual mystery surrounds a Dougherty County school teacher and his children. Administrators intially thought they may be tsunami victims. Now, they just don't know where the family is.

Dougherty County Comprehensive High teacher Toiouifk Houmadi told friends and co-workers he and his two children were going to visit his home country during the Christmas break.

The French teacher is from Comoros, an island off the east coast of Africa. He and his children didn't return to school Tuesday. School officials worried the family may have been caught in the tsunami or that Houmadi's mother, who lives in Somalia, might have been hurt in the disaster.

Police went to Houmadi's home today. They found the mailbox full, and neighbors said they hadn't seen him since before Christmas. Thursday afternoon, school officials found out Houmadi may have left the children in Chicago and visited Morocco with a relative.

He has not returned emails from school officials, but they say they have no reason to believe he or the children are in danger right now.

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