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Baker County land owner named good steward

January 5, 2005

Baker County- All 387 acres of Fergus Davidson's property in Baker County used to look like this with underbrush beneath the pines.

But now the property is clear under the timber crop. That's part of Davidson's land management plan. Now he and his son are the 201st outstanding forest stewards in Georgia.

"It's a valuable tool and so far it's been working out well," said Fergus Davidson III.

Having a long range plan helps owners manage the land for many uses including wildlife management and recreation.

"Once you get a plan, then you also qualify for a cost sharing assistance to help the land-owner implement those objectives that he owns the land for," said Chuck Norvell with the Georgia Foresty Commission in Albany.

You don't have to own hundreds or thousands or acres to have a land management plan. Anyone who owns at least 10 acres can participate. Whatever the owner wants to use the land for, the point is to preserve privately-owned land.

"To be good stewards of the land for future generations," Norvell said.

It's taken a lot of hard work by the Davidson's.

"For right now we're not using any chemical treatments so it also helps in the environment, but it's a good thing to manage your property correctly," Davidson said.

They know it will be worth it in the future.

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