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Berrien hires new football coach

January 5, 2005

 Nashville- The Berrien County school board voted Wednesday morning to hire former Irwin County head coach Ross New.

 The vote came after the board heard from a group that wanted the board to reinstate Mike Hill who was fired after one season.

It was standing room only at this morning's meeting of the Berrien County School Board.

 The board members heard from a group called "Save Berrien Sports" who wanted to know why the board fired coach Hill after leading Berrien High to their best season in five years.

 After listening to the supporters of coach Hill, the board went into executive session after which they voted 6-1 to hire Ross New.

The supporters of coach Hill say the board members will hear from them the next time they vote.

Coach Hill supporter Rick Williams said "Then the only alternative that we have is in the voting booth. And I know many, many citizens that have come to me and have said that is our next step."

Ross New comes to Berrien High from Bleckley County where he has been the coach the last two years.

New led Irwin County to the 1997 class-A state title game before leaving for Carrollton High five years ago.

The supporters of coach Hill say they may have lost this today but they will be back during the next school board elections.

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