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Students help smallest tsunami victims

January 5, 2005

Albany - American kids are watching the vivid images of destruction in south Asia on television and are trying to make sense of what has happened half a world away.

Many children want to help. "Let's think about ways we can raise money," said Tracey Ferrell to her second grade class at Lake Park Elementary in Albany.

Her students have a lot of ideas about how to help the tsunami victims. "Get money out of your piggy bank," said one student. "That's a great idea because we're so fortunate, replied Ferrell.

The students are fortunate to have families, homes, friends, even school. Thousands of miles away, in south Asia, children lost all those important things in the tsunamis.

"I just know that a bunch of people died and that they're really devastated about what happened," said fourth grader Chandler Lane. Victims are devastated and in dire need of help. That's why students are brainstorming ways to raise money to give to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund.

Principal Catherine Whitfield, "They want to help. Children are very supportive of each other if given the opportunity to show that."

Ferrell's second graders bounced around ideas from bake sales to, "have a lemonade stand," said another student. "Guys, that's something all of you can do maybe over the weekend," encouraged Ferrell.

Individually these students can do some but together as a school, "A whole school can do more than just one person or group," said fifth grader Andy Yong.

"Everyone should pitch in the help those people because if that same thing happened to use, I bet they would do it for us too," said student Chandler Lane. It's the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. These students want to share with people caught in a disaster by sending money and words of encouragement.

"Somebody will eventually try to help and life will be back to normal," said student Chelsea Lee.

"Hold on your hopes and don't let go," echoed Andy Yong. Don't let go and believe that little hands can help heal little broken hearts half a world away.

The Dougherty County School System is also planning a system-wide fundraiser to help with the tsunami disaster relief.

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