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Kids Against Hunger in South Asia

January 3, 2005

Cairo - Sixteen pallets of meals, bagged, boxed and ready to ship. Anne Horne of Kids Against Hunger says, "Originally we had this earmarked to go to South Africa to some missionary friends of ours, but in light of the disaster where the tsunamis have occurred, they released it to go over to this disaster area."

An area where just finding something to eat or drink can be a dangerous situation, due to diseases spread through water. Horne says, "It's a very simple process to boil the water which will kill the germs, and then make the food edible without diseases, or germs or other bacteria in it."

Right now there are 114,000 meals packaged and ready to go, but there are millions homeless and Horne would like to help as many people as possible. She says, "Right now we need people who have hours to put it. I'm willing to come down here keep the office open 24/7 for people to come down and package."

And although the food may not be shipped out today. "It may be this week, next week, it may be two weeks from now, may be a month from now," says Horne. Kids against hunger is determined to get it to those who are in desperate need. She says, "It would be a travesty to have this sitting here and not be able to get it to people who need it." A need that continues to grow every day.

To contact Kids Against Hunger, you can call Melvin or Anne Horne at 229-377-0633.

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