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Healthbeat: ChicoMetrics

January 3, 2005
by Deborah Ferguson

Lots of exercise programs say they'll whittle away inches fast and easily. But one program may out do all the rest. Some women claim results in two sessions.

Meet someone who says a special exercise that slimmed her down, and turned her into a cover girl.

Britney Bateman now believes in Chico-metrics. “When I was jogging, I felt that the weight was coming off but the toning wasn't as advanced as I'd like to be.

So Britney turned to Chico-metrics, a workout video that promises measurable results. Five to nine inches off the hips and waist with just one hour twice a week for two weeks.

“Once I learned to isolate my motions, I could feel the difference faster. Total inches lost were about 20, between 20 and 24 and that's whole body. Britney went from a size 14 to a six and earned a spot on the cover of a national magazine that featured 'Chico-metrics.'

Britney’s aunt burned off the inches and got the toned look she always wanted.

The man behind the program is an exercise consultant who uses small, controlled repetitive movements to tone and firm.

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