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Dragway owners say wreck could've been worse

January 3, 2005

Dougherty County - The owner of the U.S. 19 Dragway in Dougherty County calls Saturday's firey wreck a freak accident that could have been deadly if not for safety measures.

Driver Alejandra Belford lost control of his car, hit a guard rail, flew into the air, slammed into a light pole and then a parked truck. The car burst into flames.

Amazingly, Belford managed to escape the burning vehicle. He suffered second degree burns on his arm and legs, but will be o-kay.

A spectator, Sammy McApline of Florida, was hit by flying debris and may have suffered a broken leg.

Dragway owner John Baldwin says the track is sanctioned by the National Hot Rod Association. It's protected by a double guard rail. But, the way the car hit the rail caused it to go airborne.

Baldwin says the NHRA also has strict safety requirements for the cars and without those, Belford could have been killed.

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