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Who says it's winter?

January 3, 2005

Remerton--   It feels more like spring than winter. Temperatures in some parts of South Georgia climbed into the high 70's.

For these Remerton sanitation workers, today's weather is picture perfect. "The last few weeks have been pretty rough but this week is very nice," said Ronald Woods of the Public Works Department.

Warmer temperatures mean less clothing to weigh them down. "Couple of weeks ago we had full uniforms, long johns head to toe, ski hood," said Woods.

Now they can finish their work in almost half the time. "Today I'll probably finish at 1:00 where as its usually about 4:00 or 5:00 around this time of year," said Woods.

And they're not the only ones taking advantage of this unseasonably warm weather. Across town at the Valdosta Middle School track, Carlos Amador and his niece Alina enjoyed a playful morning in the sunshine. "I'm riding my scooter," said Alina.

These temperatures are unusual for us here in South Georgia, but for Carlos, "It's like being home, I'm from Costa Rica and right now in my country its this type of weather right now," said Amador.

He's spending a couple of weeks here visiting family, but didn't exactly plan for this weather when he was packing. "Yeah, like sweaters and those kinds of things," said Amador.

And it looks like those sweaters and scarves will have to stay in the suitcase for the rest of Carlos's visit. Temperatures are only expected to rise as the week progresses. The record high temperature for January 3rd in Valdosta was 80º, reached back in 1952.

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