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South Georgians Reflect on 2004

December 30, 2004

By: Robbyn DeSpain

Albany- Another year is nearly in the history books. War, politics, and the reverse of a baseball curse grabbed a lot of headlines.

Some south Georgians are reflecting on the most memorable moments of the past year. The sacrifices of hundreds of American service men and women in Iraq is not lost on those here in America.

"I just hope the troops are getting ready to come home soon, I hope all that ends soon,"  said Jason Gary.

The war in Iraq was a hot topic during this years presidential election. Georgians turned out to vote in record numbers and 2 months later, it is still a big topic of conversation.

"George Bush getting re-elected was a big moment for me, because I'm a big republican supporter," said Frank Wadkins.

And don't forget about those no longer cursed Boston Red Sox who accomplished the unthinkable with their October World Series Victory.

"The Red Sox winning, that was wonderful, I think everybody loved that," said Melinda Staley of Albany.

A curse put to rest, a president set to serve America for another 4 years, and the continuing bravery of America's finest all made for one unforgettable year.

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