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Sylvester cleanup meets opposition

December 29, 2004

Sylvester--   Florence Rivers' family has owned this property for almost one hundred years, during the past year Florence has moved out, but some of her belongings remain.

"My piano is in there, my bedroom set is in there, my dishes, my dining room set," Florence Rivers said. The city of Sylvester informed Rivers of the violations about a year and a half ago, they included a number of safety violations and junked automobiles.

Mayor Yearta said "Ample time was given for the individual to cleanup the property, a matter of fact it has been going on about a year and a half now." In March the city gave Rivers fifteen days to submit a plan to come into compliance.  Rivers did turn in a plan stating work would be done by Easter, but questions regarding financing the cleanup led to another court hearing in November.

Yearta said "The judge gave ample time, and ample notice. The city gave extra time in order for the person to cleanup the property, the judge ruled and the city has been acting on that judgement."

Today some friends and family members worked to remove belongings that were left inside. Meanwhile city workers waited to finally bring down the house. This afternoon city officials have said Florence Rivers' home will be demolished by Friday.

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