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Police Officer ready to deploy with National Guard

December 28, 2004

Albany -- In one week, a Dougherty County police officer will deploy as a National Guardsman with the 48th Mechanized Infantry. He is enjoying the holidays with his daughters, before he has to head out.

6-year-old Jessica and 5-year-old Samantha Duncan got what they wanted for Christmas. Jessica said "A game boy."

 And their father Charles Duncan had the Christmas he wanted, before deploying in one week. "Just trying to spend as much time with my little girls and my wife, as possible."

After 17 years in the Army, Duncan has been a member of the Georgia Army National Guard since 1996. He deployed to Bosnia in 2000, and January 4th deploys again, most likely to Iraq. "We go to Fort Stewart, and from there I don't know."

A Sergeant in the National Guard, Duncan is a Mortar Platoon Squad Leader. While he hates to leave his family, he supports the U.S. involvement in Iraq. "People should be free, and I believe in that."

A Patrol Officer for the Dougherty County Police, Chief Don Cheek said Duncan is a special man. Chief Cheek said "we are going to miss him, for more than just losing an officer off the street."

The Dougherty County Police pledge their support of Duncan's family while he is gone. Charles says he sees a link between his police job and National Guard service. "I think it's about like policing, except on a different scale. That's how I'm looking at it."

Duncan reports January 4th, then leaves January 7th for training. Until then he spends time with his daughters, making the most of the holidays.

Charles Duncan and the 48th Mechanized Infantry are scheduled for three months of training, then move overseas for duty.

They are scheduled to return at least by June 2006.

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