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2004 sweet for Albany candy maker

December 27, 2004

Albany -- It was a sweet Christmas for Bobs Candies. The Albany candy maker had another strong sales year.

 Just two years after the Albany candy maker almost shut down, the company had a profitable year and expects more growth in the coming year.

For some people, it would not be Christmas without a Bobs Candy cane. Julie Roth, Company Vice President said "Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves because we can't believe how lucky we are."

May 10, 2002 Bobs Candies shut down their plants in Albany and Mexico because of financial problems. But since they have come back with two years of sales growth. This year their sales increased more than 15 percent. Roth said "we've been able to come back stronger than ever, I think."

Bobs introduced new candy products that have diversified their sales year round. Ed Hudson, vice president of sales said "The product is called Sweet Stripes, a 100 percent sugar product. It has actually boosted our sales by 15 percent this year. So we are not just a candy cane company anymore, we have some other diversified products that we sell everyday."

Bobs also now offers a sugar free candy, and root beer flavored candy. Roth said "To be able to have sales in 12 months of the year, rather than in 3 or 4, has really helped ease out some of the problems that we had."

 Bobs Candy lines will go into full production in one week, with 256 employees. And their plan is to continue to grow, through more new products. Roth said "We've got some exciting things we are working on right now. We hope to introduce one or two new products in 2005, and are working towards that very aggressively right now."

Bobs Candies handed out profit bonuses to employees this Christmas. Two years ago the company was shut down. But now the 85 year old family business feels they are stronger than ever, with 2005 looking like another sweet year.

Last week Bobs Candies filled a rush order for purple candy canes for the Los Angeles Lakers. They were given to fans at their Christmas Day N-B-A game.

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