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Bringing back Christmas gifts

December 26, 2004

Returning a gift? There are some steps you can take to make the process easier on yourself, sales associates and other customers. First of all, be patient, you may have to wait in line for a while, and be sure to bring a receipt.

Target Manager Kristi Wallis says, "It's actually been going really well this year. Everybody knows that if they bring a gift receipt or the original receipt, we would be more than happy to give them a gift card or actually give them back their refund. If they don't have a receipt we'll be more than happy to exchange it for an item in that department."

If you don't have a receipt, it's okay to ask the person who gave you the gift for one. Most stores will allow them to get a gift receipt, by looking up the purchase on the credit card or check the item was bought with.

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