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Shoppers search for sales

December 26, 2004

Albany - "I came in at five this morning," says department manager Ethel Williams. "The store opened at seven today and we had a crowd waiting at the door this morning."

And since the doors opened, Housewares manager Ethel Williams has been going wide open. She says, "I've been steady on the go bringing stuff back to the clearance area so we can keep it full so the guests can shop it and we can get it sold today."

If it's up to Pat Taylor and her mom Rachel Smith, it will be gone before the store closes. "We're buying all the stuff we can't afford before Christmas," says Pat, "I buy a lot of stuff I couldn't afford otherwise."

And most of these day after Christmas shoppers are planning ahead. Mariah Hatcher says she's buying, "Wrapping paper. Already getting some for next year? Yeah. There's a lot in carts. I saw this one with a bunch in her cart." Her mom Judith is, "just hoping to find a sale. Christmas items for next year, presents for next year."

Because you can't beat, "Good prices, good bargains," says Mariah Hatcher. And why not shop when "You get it cheaper," asks Pat Taylor?

If you don't find what you're looking for this year, you'll have another chance at the day after Christmas sale 2005. The Day after Christmas is one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

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