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S. Georgia soldier wounded while serving in Iraq

December 23, 2004

Grady County - When Brenda Sellers first learned her 22-year-old son, Specialist Nick Sellers, had been critically injured in an attack, one of the first people she called was her friend and co-worker, Peggy Hancock. "All she knew at the time was he had been hurt, and she didn't know how bad he had been hurt," says Hancock.

She would later learn that Sellers was in critical condition, with serious injuries to his chest and abdomen. He was flown to Germany for surgery and then to Walter-Reed hospital in Washington, D. C. Hancock says, "He's able to squeeze the nurses hand when she asks him questions and blink his eyes."

The news makes it hard for family members to blink back the tears."Well it was just about the worst thing I could have heard," says Granddad Albert Sellers. He says the only good news will be when Nick comes home to stay. "Oh, I'll feel great. That's the best thing in the world to see him and know that he's all right."

Though for now, he considers Nick to be one of the lucky. He says, "Unlucky that it happened, lucky to be alive." Alive and fighting to keep his life.

Specialist Nick Sellers parents, brother, wife and daughter are all on their way to Washington, D. C., to see him. His family says he is still in critical condition, but his vital signs have improved and he is expected to recover.

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