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Holiday travel begins

December 23, 2004

Albany- Traffic in Albany picked up Thursday afternoon as the official holiday travel weekend began.

At the BP on Georgia Highway 300, people were gassing up before heading north.

Gerald Hoyt has driven up from Tampa, Florida, but he has a lot of traveling ahead of him for the holidays. He has stops to make in Macon, then in Dallas and on to central Arkansas. The traffic wasn't bad, according to Hoyt.

"I came up the back way through Donalsonville, Colquitt, Newton up through there and all and it was very, very good. It was two lane highway but no problems there and all," he said.

Just remember. Take your time when traveling. Arriving at your destination a little earlier isn't worth not making it there at all.

The Georgia State Patrol predicts there will be 11 deaths and more than 400 injuries on state roads through the holiday weekend. The travel weekend ends at midnight Sunday.

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