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Take extra precautions when burning

December 22, 2004

Albany- Albany Firefighters soaked Lee Welch's storage shed one more time just to make sure there wasn't anything left burning.

The fire that destroyed this shed started during some afternoon yard work.

"Because we just turned around real quick that, my wife went into the house and my daughter seen the fire and she started hollering," Welch said.

It didn't take much to get the flames going.

"We determined that the fire was caused by an ember that was blown from the high wind we've had today," said Lt. Billy Davis, with the Albany Fire Department.

That is why people must be extra careful when burning this time of year.

"Make sure that you follow regulations that are set forth when burning yard debris to make sure it doesn't spread and get out of control like this one did," Davis said.

Those regulations fall under the state Clean Act. If you live in Dougherty County, you can only burn leaves. Burning anything other than leaves is illegal. You can only burn them on your own property, during the day. You must be present, and also have a garden hose with you that is running.

"If you're going to burn, stay right with it, stay right on top of it, don't turn your back on it," Welch said.

Because if you do, you may not be as lucky as the Welch family.

"Blessed, blessed, blessed," he said. "No Christmas spirits burnt here."

Only some belongings that can be replaced and a little more mess to clean up after the holidays.

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