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Cutting firewood can be deadly

December 22, 2004

Albany - Tuesday's bizarre deadly tree accident should remind people to use caution when clearing trees for firewood.

Arborist like David Edwards says if you want to save money, get a professional to do the dangerous part, like cutting the tree down and then you do all the clean-up work.

Edwards says, "If it's a dangerous tree and in your mind there's a question of where it is going that is a signal to pick the phone up and call a pro. Most companies, like my own, will cut the price fifty percent and we'll do all the dangerous work."

Edwards says in order to be safe, you have to know more about the tree, like the type of wood and if it's rotting inside. Wind also pays a major factor in which way it will fall.


Dougherty County - Medical examiners have ruled that the Dougherty County man who was crushed by a tree  and burned, died because of the tree and not the fire.

Forty-seven-year-old Reggie Barnnett died from blunt force trauma. He was pulling up a tree with his pick-up truck, the strap broke and the tree crushed him.

The truck's engine caught the grass on fire, burning Barnnett. He was clearing land for firewood behind his girlfriend's house on Hardup Road.

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