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GSP looking for drunk drivers

December 22, 2004

Albany - Georgia State Patrol troopers are keeping a sharp eye peeled for drunk and dangerous drivers this holiday weekend. Each year, more than 500 people die in alcohol or drug related wrecks in Georgia.

Trooper Scott McClure won't be home for the holidays. "Yes, we could be home with our families, but we're making many other families safe by being out here and doing or job." His job this Christmas weekend will focus on catching dangerous drivers during traffic stops and roadblocks.

"We'll do DUI road checks where we're also looking for suspended licenses, mechanical violations, and seat belt checks. We want to make sure all the vehicles out on the roads are safe, and the drivers are well prepared to drive," said McClure.

Remember if you don't drink much throughout the year and only have one or two drinks at a holiday party, you may be legally drunk. "It all depends on your weight, tolerance level, and how much you ate. Some people might believe they're o-kay to drive, but it's not up to them to decided."

You can, however, make a life saving decision before heading out. "Before you go, plan and make sure you have a designated driver," said McClure. A designated driver can save your life and your money. "I can go on and on about how much it's going to cost you and what the sacrifices will be from losing your license to paying just the DUI ticket."

Buckle up, slow down, and don't drink and drive so this holiday will be happy and safe for everyone on Georgia roads.

The GSP predicts 11 people will die in just over 1,500 wrecks on Georgia roads this holiday weekend.

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