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A cold wet winter ahead

December 21, 2004

Albany-Today is the first day of winter, but for 19 month old Cody and her grandfather Seth Collins, it was a perfect day for feeding ducks at Lake Loretta. "Duck duck" says Cody as she feeds them. It's a "Beautiful day," explains Collins.

It's been a beautiful day with temperatures reaching the sixties, but just yesterday temperatures got as low as 23 degrees. Collins says "She likes the cold weather." That's good news for little Cody because although the first day of winter has been pretty warm, there's certainly more cold weather on the way. "We just put on sweat shirts and our fleece," He explains.

All South Georgians may be bundling up more because a major shift in the jet stream is expected to bring more cold, wet weather to the area this winter.

Despite what's to come, "Any time I see the sunshine, It's a good day," says Collins.

Tomorrow is expected be another warm day, but a cold snap is due by the end of the week.

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