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Coats and blankets needed for homeless

December 20, 2004

Albany -- Shelters in Albany stay full on a normal basis. So when the temperatures plunges into the 20-s again Monday night, there is little they can do for those who need help.

 Now they are asking for your help. "Here's a coat. A couple of coats, cool." Pam Barkley looks through the last of the coats and blankets at the Salvation Army. Only 3 coats, and about a dozen blankets, to help the homeless. Barkley said "My goal is to go out and actually find them, underneath the bridges and in the areas, and hand this stuff directly to them."

 The Salvation Army is asking South Georgians to donate desperately needed blankets and coats. "All sizes, just anything. By all means you can see these are used blankets. I'm sure people had them in their closet."

The 28 men's beds at the Salvation Army stay full, but it's hard to turn away people when it's so cold people's lives are at stake. Barkley said "It's very hard to think about someone being out in this weather, as cold as it is. So we would encourage them to come."

Brother Larry Hample of the Albany Rescue Mission said "We call them the hard core homeless. They won't come in unless it's really freezing, and then they show up."

The Albany Rescue Mission saw some of those hard core homeless come in last night, and expect more  Sunday night. Hample said " We'll have the chapel open. Anybody who is cold and needs a place to come in, come into the Chapel."

A low of 26 degrees is forecast for Monday night, and Barkley and Hample both say they are worried about people spending another frigid night without protection.

If you have blankets or jackets to donate, drop them off at the Salvation Army at 304 Second Avenue in Albany.

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