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Argument takes a dangerous turn

December 19, 2004

Thomasville - An argument between a husband and wife turns violent, and ends with the husband in jail. It happened just before 7 AM Sunday at Pinecrest apartments in Thomasville. Police say Bruce Brinson and his wife began arguing, and he started to chase her with a gun.

Sgt. Rachelle Denmark says, "Mr. Brinson took a gun, a 30/30 and drug his wife across the parking lot. She escaped and was able to get into another apartment for safety. Mr. Brinson fired one shot, is what we've gotten from witnesses, and then as soon as police arrived he was apprehended."

Brinson has been charged with making terroristic treats, and kidnapping. Charges involving the gun and shots fired are pending the investigation. Brinson is being held in the Thomas County Jail.

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