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Make yourself a tough target for thieves

December 17, 2004

Albany -- Across South Georgia, the number of home burglaries and car break-ins have soared once again this holiday season. Law enforcement says there are ways you can keep yourself from becoming a target.

Thieves know that the holidays can mean easy pickings. Lt. Craig Dodd of the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office said "the harder the target you are, the less chance there is that someone is going to come after you. They are always going to go after the easy target."

 Dead bolt locks on your home doors will make burglars move on. Lights are also a deterrent. Lt. Dodd said "The best thing to have are motion detectors that are light sensitive. Nothing will scare a prowler worse than to be going through a dark yard and have the lights come on."

"If you have a dog that's out in the yard, bless him. Because if he starts barking that is one of the best alarms in the world."

Store parking lots are another hot spot for thieves, especially when people are shopping. Dodd said "if all your hands are full, you are a target, especially if your purse is dangling out to the side, and you are holding bags. Someone can run up and grab your purse and keep right on going with it."

Park in well-lighted areas and never leave packages in view inside the car. Lock them in your trunk and move your car occasionally.

Stay alert in the parking lot. Dodd said "If you see someone near your car, you think there is a problem, go back in the store. They will have someone walk you back out to your car, or they will call Police to come check the parking lot area. That's what our job is, that's what we do."

Women should shop in pairs when possible, knowing thieves would rather look for lone victims.

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