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South Georgia man cleans up scrap

December 17, 2004

Cairo - It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. "I think this is a necessary business," says Jimmy Hammett of A & R Metal. He Collects and ships out scrap metal and old appliances.

Hammett says, "Every business that comes to Cairo is going to generate some type of scrap, and some more than others, but every business has a little bit of scrap." But those little bits became a big mound of junk, spilling into the road and attracting criticism from the community.

"It wasn't beside the road until 9/11," says Hammett, "and once you get behind, it's hard to catch up." But a few weeks ago, Jimmy Hammett made a commitment to clear the rights of way.

Still, the city council is in the process of condemning the rights of way, and Hammett is concerned that customers won't be able to pull off the side of the road. He says, "You need a place for people to pull off. If they can't get in, you can't work 'em up as fast, so I think that's going to be a problem if that goes through."

But Hammett says that's a bridge he'll cross when he gets there. Until then, he'll "Try to get it clean here, and we're trying to work with the city every way we can." Hoping to end trash talking about his business.

Councilman Adrian Clark has asked the city attorney to look into the possibility of erecting guardrails at the site in order to eliminate parking and unloading on the street.

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