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A new wave of business

December 17, 2004

Albany - A section of Albany that's seen a lot of business turnover will soon get another wave of new businesses.

Two years ago we did a story at North Slappey Boulevard and West Broad Avenue where Rusty's Midtown Grill and Angel's Nest were new to the scene. Since then, they've both shut down.

We are told a Mexican restaurant will open in the Angel's Nest location next year and a pizza place called Roma Aroma will open up in the next few months.

Chamber of Commerce President Tim Martin says that intersection is a challenging spot for businesses because of the high traffic volume. He says "That's kind of intuitive, but that's part of the problem. It has to be easy to get in an out of locations and if it's a challenge, folks will drive onto the next location."

Across the street in the Brooks Plaza, the former Chinese Restaurant and most recently the Bush Cheney Headquarters will soon change.

The owner, Bob Brooks, says there is a contract in the works, he wouldn't say what, but it will not be a restaurant.

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